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We often ask children what they want to be when they grow up. I'm quite certain that I never said I wanted to be an economist. I believe I answered ballerina or lawyer, depending upon who asked.

I did not know what economics was until I started taking courses toward my major in human resources. I had always enjoyed mathematics, and thought I would end up a scientist or engineer of some sort, but I fortunately found a field that allowed me to play with math while focusing on social behavior.

My interest in economics was spurred by the Caloric plant closing in 1990. My father had 17 years seniority with that plant, and was thrown into a shrinking blue-collar job market. The plant closing was devastating for my family and my community. I was desperate to understand why this happened to us.

And economics had the answers. Now I understand the "why." I know where the 1% lives.

And I'm a working-class kid, with a lot of education and a bucket full of tools. I cannot prevent events like Caloric's closing, but I am determined to dive into my bucket and use my tools to help others like my father, and my neighbors in Philly, and organizations dedicated to the greater good.

I believe in social justice. I believe art improves our lives and is horrendously underfunded. I believe we talk big about children and education, but we don't follow through with the necessary dollars. And I believe we can come together and make some amazing things happen.

I also believe in the economics tools that help us understand the distribution of all sorts of things like time and income and products and assets and opportunities. And I believe economics is politically agnostic and has incredible persuasive power. So let's get to work, shall we?


PhD Economics

labor, human resources, statistics, education, public policy, gender, race/ethnicity

UC Green Board of Directors
MCA Enrichment Committee
MCA Education Committee
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Founder of Philly Women Outdoors